Charleston Flight Services
Established in 2009
Charleston's Finest, Longest Running Flight School

About Us

Welcome to Charleston Flight Services! 

We are a part 61 flight school and §91.147 (Sightseeing operation) located at the Charleston Executive Airport on Johns Island, SC.

Charleston Flight Services specializes in efficient, economical flight training. Our accomplished chief CFI/CFII is also an FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor. 

On average, our student pilots are able to solo within around 13 flight hours. Our average student completes his or her FAA Private Pilot License requirements within 43.5 flight hours. Our students and aircraft renters generally pay-as-they-go after each flight. However, others prefer to purchase "5 or 10 hour blocks" of flight time with us in Flight Training Packages. This allows them to take advantage of reduced rates on aircraft per/hour cost.

Besides flight training we also offer discovery (introductory) flights, flight reviews, sightseeing tours, ground school, aircraft rentals and sell pilot supplies. 


Flight training can be fun but is a serious endeavor. Flight training requires patience and dedication. Flight training is fully dependent on the weather, maintenance and random airport reasons such as closed runways, temporary flight restrictions or airport events that may possibly cancel or delay any given flight. Anticipate these factors before starting your training.

Moreover, consider if you personally have the time, patience and funds to complete this goal. This is a very important personal consideration to take seriously because if a person lacks funds to train, lacks time &/or lacks patience to wait for their next scheduled flight because of a flight cancellation for any reason, the student can start to "blame the instructor" and start coming up with excuses to quit. So, if you feel you are ready to start flight training in earnest, we look forward to training with you. Further, if you become unfit to train, please inform us and we can resume at a better time for you, whether that be next week or years from now. 

Sightseeing tours are a great way to see Charleston, SC by air. Flying is fully dependent on the weather.  If you have scheduled a sightseeing tour, please provide us with the best contact information that you have easy access to on the day of your flight so we can easily contact you the day of your flight to inform you of any possible delays or cancellations.

If you fail to see a flight cancellation text message or voicemail that we have sent you in advance because you aren't checking the method of contact information that you provided to us on the day of your scheduled flight, and you show up to the airport any way, that will not cause the flight to happen, safety first, your flight will still be rescheduled to another day. 

Thanks for reading these notes. These notes are important to read to help make for a great and safe training flight or sightseeing tour. We look forward to flying with you.


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